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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers to frequently asked questions about our propane services.

You can check your propane tank levels in two ways.

  1. Use our mobile app to view estimated tank levels.
  2. Physically inspect the tank gauge.

Remember that 80% is full, 40% is half, and when you reach 25%, please contact us for a refill on the next scheduled delivery in your area.

The easiest way to monitor tank levels is to use AutoFill, where our secure, wireless monitoring system will alert us when the tank reaches 25%. Then, we’ll automatically schedule a propane refill within two weeks.

Check out this video on How to Read a Propane Gauge

Place an order by phone, using our mobile app, or online.

Once your order is placed, we’ll review your account, arrange for payment, and schedule delivery for the next available delivery date in your area.

We recommend ordering when your tank reaches 25% capacity to ensure timely delivery.

Call your local office or order from the website or the app. 


New customers, please contact your local office or visit the new customer area of the website.  Request a Quote  

Please place your propane order when the tank reaches 25% capacity. This ensures that you are added to the next available route in your area.  Failing to provide this notice might result in demand delivery charges.

Additionally, you can enroll in the AutoFill service, which simplifies the process by automatically scheduling propane deliveries based on your usage patterns, ensuring you receive propane when you need it without having to monitor your tank levels closely.

Routed delivery means that your propane order will be scheduled to be delivered on the next planned delivery route in your area. This method ensures efficient and timely delivery without incurring any additional costs. Typically, routed deliveries are scheduled to arrive within two weeks from the time the order is placed. This timeframe allows us to optimize the delivery routes and serve all customers in a timely manner.

However, if you require propane more urgently, you have the option of choosing demand delivery. With demand delivery, your propane will be delivered within 3 days, but it comes with an additional cost. This option provides a quicker turnaround time for your order, catering to customers who need propane on shorter notice or have urgent requirements.

We accept ACH, debit or credit card, check and cash.
  1. Through our app (download from your app store)
  2. Online through our website
  3. AutoPay
  4. Over the phone
  5. Visit your local office

Payment is due at the time of service or delivery.


Tanks are typically filled to 80% in the winter months.  In the summer months we may fill to 70 to 75% because of extreme heat, which allows for the necessary expansion of the propane vapors inside the tank.

So a 500-gallon tank typically would be filled to 80%, or 400 gallons. 80% is considered full, 40% is considered half full, and 25% means you should schedule a propane refill in the next two weeks.

The minimum delivery for propane is typically 200 gallons. This means that when you place an order for propane, the minimum amount you can request for delivery is 200 gallons.

It’s worth noting that smaller deliveries, below this minimum threshold, may incur higher costs per gallon. This is because there are fixed costs associated with delivering propane, regardless of the quantity. Therefore, to cover these fixed costs, we charge a higher rate per gallon for smaller deliveries.

If you require propane in quantities smaller than the minimum delivery amount, you may still be able to arrange delivery, but you should be prepared for the higher cost per gallon compared to larger orders.

Our propane delivery process is straightforward. Please ensure a clear path for the propane delivery truck (called a bobtail), free of obstacles like hanging tree limbs and debris, for a smooth delivery experience.

  1. Our propane delivery truck arrives at your location.
  2. The driver positions the bobtail truck in your driveway.
  3. The driver will use a 100-foot hose to safely deliver propane to  your tank. 
  4. The delivery is metered, and a ticket is generated.
  5. The payment is processed via the provided payment method.

We offer both Pre-Buy and Level Pay contract gas programs. You can purchase your winter gas ahead of time at a consistent price per gallon during a limited time in the summer.

The key difference between Level Pay and PreBuy is the payment structure. With Level Pay, customers pay for their propane in advance, similar to prebuy, but instead of paying the full amount upfront, they make monthly payments based on their estimated usage and pricing.

While Prebuy requires customers to pay for their propane supply in one lump sum upfront, Level Pay breaks the total cost into smaller, manageable monthly payments. These payments are typically made year-round, providing customers with consistent and predictable propane expenses throughout the year.

One important aspect of Level Pay is that deliveries can only be made for the credit available on the customer’s account. This means that customers must maintain a sufficient credit balance to cover their propane deliveries. If the credit on the account is insufficient, additional payment may be required at the time of delivery.

Overall, Level Pay offers customers the convenience of spreading out their propane expenses while still providing price stability and protection against potential price increases. It allows customers to budget more effectively for their heating needs and avoid the hassle of large upfront payments.

  1. No Flames or Sparks: Avoid ignition sources like matches or switches.

  2. Evacuate the Premises: Exit immediately to a safe location outdoors.

  3. Turn Off the Tank: Shut off the propane tank valve outside under the lid. Remember, “righty tighty, lefty loosey.” Turn it to the right to close it.

  4. Call Us at 417-512-5041: Contact us immediately so we can dispatch a service technician to assess the situation.

  5. Ventilate: If it’s safe to do so, open windows and doors to ventilate the area and disperse the gas.

  6. Wait for Professional Assistance: Do not re-enter the premises until it has been deemed safe by a qualified technician or emergency responders.

Remember, safety is paramount in a propane emergency. Follow these steps promptly and calmly to minimize risks and ensure the well-being of yourself and others.

At MS Propane, your safety and comfort are our top priorities. If you’re a current MS Propane customer and find yourself in the situation where you’ve run out of gas, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Contact Us Immediately: Give us a call at 417-512-5041 to report that you’ve run out of gas. Our team is ready to assist you and get your propane supply replenished as quickly as possible.

  2. Safety First: While waiting for a refill, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Avoid attempting to restart any propane appliances or equipment until the tank has been refilled and the system has been checked for leaks.

  3. Stay Warm: If you’re experiencing cold weather, consider finding alternative heating sources or staying with friends or family until your propane tank is refilled.

  4. Schedule a Refill: Work with our team to schedule a propane delivery at your earliest convenience. We’ll dispatch a delivery truck promptly to refill your tank and restore your propane supply.

  5. Prevent Future Run-Outs: To avoid future run-outs, consider signing up for automatic delivery or monitoring services offered by MS Propane. These services can help ensure that your propane supply is always maintained at a safe level.

  6. Leak Check: After refilling your tank, our team will perform a thorough leak check to ensure that your propane system is operating safely.  

Contact your local office to discuss your service needs. Service hourly rates may apply. 

Yes, you can pay on your account monthly with our EZ Pay option. With EZ Pay, managing your propane expenses becomes convenient and predictable. This means no more surprise large bills, as your propane needs will be covered seamlessly with manageable monthly payments.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Estimation of Annual Usage: We’ll estimate your annual propane usage based on various factors and come up with a monthly payment amount that fits your needs.

  2. Gas Delivery: Gas will be delivered for the credit on your account at the time of delivery. It’s important to note that each delivery has a minimum requirement of 200 gallons, and gas will only be delivered for the amount covered by the credit on your account.

If you’re interested in enrolling in EZ Pay or have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer service team. We’re here to help!


Our tank rental services are designed to accommodate various propane usage needs, offering flexibility and convenience. Here’s how we determine the rental charges:

  1. Tank Sizing: The size of the tank is determined based on your specific requirements at the time of installation.

  2. Annual Usage Requirement: To qualify for our standard tank rental charge, you must purchase a minimum of 75% of your tank’s size in gallons annually. For instance, if you have a 500-gallon tank filled to 80% capacity (400 gallons), you’ll need to purchase 300 gallons each year. Your actual requirements may vary depending on your usage.

  3. Tank Packages: For customers with lower propane usage, we offer tank packages that include minimum use charges based on the tank size. These packages help cover the cost of tank rental and maintenance.

It’s important to note that while we provide tank rental services, our primary focus is propane delivery, and our rental charges are structured accordingly to support this service.


If you’re moving or selling your home and have an MS Propane tank on the property, follow these important steps:

  • Contact Us Promptly: Reach out to us at least 30 days before your move, or as soon as possible, to ensure a smooth transition of your propane service.

  • Tank Transfer Process: We facilitate the transfer of the propane tank to the new residents instead of disconnecting the service or picking up the tank.

  • Written Valuation: If you’re selling your home, we provide a written valuation of the remaining propane in your tank for closing paperwork, ensuring the propane is properly accounted for in the sale.

  • Coordinating Transfer: Our team will work with you and the new residents to coordinate the transfer of the propane tank. This includes scheduling a service visit to verify the condition of the tank and finalize the transfer paperwork.

  • Account Closure: Once the tank transfer process is complete, we will close your MS Propane account associated with the property. Any outstanding balances or credits will be resolved during the account closure process.

Following these steps will ensure a smooth transition and help you manage your propane needs during your move or sale. Let us assist you with any questions or concerns!

If you’re moving into a house with propane, follow these steps for a smooth transition:

  • Contact us: Call us to handle all the details of your propane setup. We will schedule a system check with you to ensure everything is safe and in good working order.
  • Go over your options: During our visit, we’ll discuss the various options available for your propane service, such as delivery plans, tank sizes, and payment options, to find the best fit for your needs.
  • Familiarize yourself with the system: We will help you understand your propane system, including what propane smells like and how to shut off the tank in case of emergency. This knowledge is essential for your safety and peace of mind.

By following these steps and reviewing your options, you can ensure your new home is set up with a propane system that meets your needs and provides a safe and efficient experience. Let us assist you in making a seamless transition into your new home!