Payment Programs

We have three main programs to help you pay for your propane needs: Autofill, Level Pay, and PreBuy. 


Forgetting to check your propane tank or delaying the reorder until the last minute can result in unexpected disruptions to your daily life. Our Autofill program remembers for you, eliminates the guesswork, and tracks your propane levels to proactively schedule deliveries when your tank reaches 25%. Autofill actually reduces your propane costs because an emergency call to our staff incurs more fees versus a regular stop we can put on a scheduled route. For customers who decline Autofill, will-call is an option. Please note that Autofill requires autopay with automatic payments. 




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Level Pay

Our Level Pay offers a prepayment plan for propane that allows you to make regular, contracted monthly payments for your gas. You pay an average amount over 12 months, which secures the fast delivery of your fuel and allows for peace of mind.

How does this work? We calculate the estimated usage, special gallon price, and payment amount based on your situation. We consider factors such as historical usage, weather, home size and age, and heating and appliance sources to determine how many gallons you get at the Level Pay price.

Convenient: With 365-day tank monitoring and scheduled deliveries, you never have to worry about running out of propane.

Consistent: Your fixed prices over 12 months eliminate surprises, and you can budget your monthly expenses accordingly.

Cost-Effective: You lock in your price per gallon for the entire year to avoid price hikes when the weather turns cold.

Priority Service: Level Pay customers receive deliveries first during emergency situations or shortages.  You’ll have security knowing that your family is taken care of.

A minimum of 200 gallons per year is required. Payments are due on the 5th, 15th, or 25th of the month through AutoPay. Deliveries correspond to the credit amount on the account. Cancellations are at the end of the contract term on April 30.


Our Prebuy program allows you to lock in a fixed price for your propane gallons, ensuring you won’t be affected by seasonal price variations that occur in the winter. You can secure a price you’re comfortable with based on your usage

Pre-pay for the gallons you want to buy at a current fixed rate, allowing you to budget appropriately.

AutoFill enrollment with tank monitoring to automatically schedule deliveries. No worries, no hassles!

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Will Call

Customers on our Will Call program are required to call our staff when the tank level reaches 25%.  Payment will be due at the time of service or delivery, and will call customers pay the price per gallon at the market rate the day they order propane. Customers will receive their propane on the first available route.

Convenient Options

Whether you choose AutoFill, Level Pay, or PreBuy, our programs let you purchase propane on your terms.

Our Propane Delivery

If you’re a new or existing customer, find out more about how we can help you have reliable, affordable energy at your home or business.