Why Propane?

Propane is more cost-effective than electricity. And, its low-carbon, high-energy output makes it a perfect fuel for your home. Propane’s versatility is why nearly 12 million U.S. households use it for high-intensity energy appliances like water heaters and furnaces. Can propane help lead the world toward a low-carbon future? Yes, Propane Can Do That®.

Clean, Reliable & Abundant Propane

Propane meets your energy needs while providing a clean, nontoxic energy source that will not contaminate soil or groundwater. It burns cleaner than gasoline and fuel oil, making it better at reducing your carbon footprint.

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Reliable & Cleaner Energy

Propane is an approved clean fuel listed in the 1990 Clean Air Act. Substituting propane for gasoline and fuel oil is an economical and viable step toward cleaner air. Using propane reduces airborne pollutants like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide.

Propane reliably heats and powers homes, businesses, and farms independent of the electric grid, making it a more reliable source of power when disaster strikes or the weather turns frigid.

Abundant & Affordable

The United States produces more than enough propane to meet demand. American propane companies actually export more than 1.7 million barrels of propane a day to other countries! It doesn’t matter what crisis is happening half a world away. Your propane is secure.

As more people recognize the viability of propane, domestic propane production is expected to continue to grow rapidly, keeping domestic prices down compared to global fluctuations of petroleum and oil.

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Propane Helps American Jobs & Your Local Economy

Everyone who works for MS Propane lives, works and plays where you do. We outsource zero percent of our workforce. We’re part of an industry that supports nearly 100,000 American jobs. Our propane is 100% American Made! Find out more about our company!

Our Propane Delivery

If you’re a new or existing customer, find out more about how we can help you have reliable, affordable energy at your home or business.