Current Customers

We deeply appreciate our loyal customers and want to make your experience with us as smooth as possible. That’s why we offer convenient online payment options and are always available to assist you through our local offices.

If you ever encounter any difficulties or have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our dedicated team of service professionals is here to support you every step of the way, and you can rest assured that you’ll speak to someone locally.

Also, feel free to explore our FAQs for quick answers to common inquiries.

Thank you for choosing us as your propane provider.

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You can check your propane tank levels in two ways.

  1. Use our mobile app to view estimated tank levels.
  2. Physically inspect the tank gauge.


Remember that 80% is full, 40% is half, and when you reach 25%, please contact us for a refill on the next scheduled delivery in your area.

The easiest way to monitor tank levels is to use AutoFill, where our secure, wireless monitoring system will alert us when the tank reaches 25%. Then, we’ll automatically schedule a propane refill within two weeks.

Check out this video on How to Read a Propane Gauge

Pay your bill in several ways.

  1. Call our office to pay over the phone by credit card or ACH. (1-417-512-5041)
  2. Pay online through our website.
  3. Visit our office in person.
  4. Set up pre-buy, autofill, and prepay services.
  5. Pay the driver at delivery.

Please note that discounts apply to payments made by phone, online, or in person. Payments made to the driver at delivery do not qualify for discounts, and drivers do not carry change.

Place an order by phone, using our mobile app, or online.

Once your order is placed, we’ll review your account, arrange for payment, and schedule delivery for the next available delivery date in your area, which usually happens in two weeks.

We recommend ordering when your tank reaches 25% capacity to ensure timely delivery.

Safety is our top priority.

If you suspect a gas leak:

  1. Do not use electricity or phones within the evacuation area.
  2. Evacuate your home immediately
  3. Go to the propane tank and shut it off by turning the valve the left.
  4. Allow the propane to dissipate before returning to the building.
  5. Contact us immediately. We have someone on call after hours.

Once the tank is turned off, we’ll work to address the situation. After resolving the issue, we’ll perform a leak check on the system, and you must be present for appliance checks and to sign the necessary documentation.

Please provide us with 30 days notice to evaluate the situation. We’ll work with the new resident to transition the propane account smoothly.

Real estate agents or homeowners can contact us to determine the propane tank’s value for closing. If you were told you own the tank with the home purchase, please contact us for clarification.

Our propane delivery process is straightforward. Please ensure a clear path for the propane delivery truck (called a bobtail), free of obstacles like hanging tree limbs and debris, for a smooth delivery experience.

  1. Our propane delivery truck arrives at your location.
  2. The driver positions the bobtail truck in your driveway.
  3. The driver will use a 100-foot hose to safely deliver propane to your tank. 
  4. The delivery is metered, and a ticket is generated.
  5. The payment is processed via the provided payment method.

We provide tank rental services to cater to various propane usage needs. Our tank rental charges and minimum use packages offer flexibility.

  1. Tank sizing is determined based on your specific requirements at the time the tank is installed.
  2. To qualify for our standard tank rental charge, you must purchase a minimum of 75% of your tank’s size in gallons annually. For example, if you own a 500-gallon tank filled to 80% capacity (400 gallons), you’ll need to purchase 300 gallons every year. Your actual results will vary based on your requirements.
  3. We offer tank packages for customers with lower propane usage, which include minimum use charges based on tank size. This helps cover the cost of tank rental and maintenance.
  4. Please note that our primary business is propane delivery, and our rental charges are structured accordingly.