Propane vs. Electricity: Which Source Is Better for Your Home or Business?

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MS Propane is back with some facts in the propane vs. electricity debate for homes and businesses. Electricity runs a lot of things in your home, but propane provides heat in various appliances when you need it most.

Our debate between propane vs. electricity shows you which source is better for your home or business.

1. Propane vs. Electricity: Costs

In general, propane costs less than electricity, especially in rural areas where it costs more for electric companies to run lines to distant locations. Yes, some parts of your home or business must run on electricity. Even with a propane furnace, fireplace, or dryer, you’ll need electricity to run the electrical components of the motors and fans to operate those appliances.

However, the main energy cost associated with these appliances is producing the actual heat. Your costs will be less with propane versus electricity, depending on how big of a space you need to heat with your appliances. 

Your actual results will vary. But you could save as much as 30% on your heating bills. And this comes in handy when it’s the depth of winter and every day is frigid. 

2. Propane vs. Electricity: Efficiency

95% of a gallon of propane is converted to heat. Most propane appliances convert 80 to 85% of propane to usable heat. Gas furnaces create warmer heat, between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Your home or business will feel warmer in shorter periods, and the propane furnace will not need to be on as much as electric furnaces. Electric furnaces only heat air to around 95 degrees, making it less efficient at producing heat.

Meanwhile,  electrical appliances must convert the surrounding air from cooler to hot air. Propane creates its own heat with the blue flames. Propane is much more efficient at heating the air faster compared to electric coils. You can easily find high-efficiency propane furnaces, but high-efficiency electric furnaces do not have ratings that go as high.

3. Propane vs. Electricity: Reliability

Missouri sees severe weather any time of year. Have you seen your propane tank go out in a storm? Does the tank freeze over in the winter during an ice storm? You can get some kind of heat in your home using manual functions on a propane fireplace, so propane is more reliable as a heat source versus electricity.

4. Propane vs. Electricity: Lifespan of Appliances

Your HVAC system is the single-largest consumer of power in your home, either with propane or electricity. This appliance is on a lot of the time during the day and night. A gas furnace is, in general, more expensive to install than a fully electric one. 

However, a gas furnace lasts longer. Expect a gas furnace to last up to 20 years with a life expectancy of 30 with regular cleanings and tune-ups. Electric furnaces last as long as 10 years and go for 20 with regular maintenance. So, a gas furnace is more cost-effective in the long run.

Propane Appliance Tips From MS Propane. We’re Heating the Way!

We hope you find these tips helpful. As you can see, propane is a better all-around option for appliances that use heat versus electricity. If you have any questions about your propane supply, feel free to contact us!