Emergency Out of Gas Policy

Read our emergency out of gas policy.

Emergency Out of Gas Policy

MS Propane is committed to providing propane that is safe for both our customers and our employees. There are times when a customer may run extremely low on propane or even run out. This could create an unsafe situation.

If you run out of propane, you should:

1. Close the service valve on the propane tank.
2. Shut off all appliance valves.
3. Call MS Propane immediately at one of the numbers listed below.

The National Fuel Gas Code requires us to perform a procedure called “a leak check” anytime there is an interruption of service. This means that anytime there is an interruption in service for any reason, including running out of gas, the piping system must be leak checked. This leak check ensures the safety of our customers. All propane piping, connections and fittings can cause expansion and retraction of the piping compound within the propane plumbing system when there is a loss of pressure.

Should your account be set up on Auto Fill and you run out of propane, this leak check and any emergency calls will be done at no charge to you. If your account is on Will-Call Delivery, emergency and off-route service charges apply. MS Propane is not responsible for knowing the exact usage of a customer’s tank. While we might have estimates, factors can result in higher than normal usage. Ask about our tank monitors.

For out of gas emergency service, it is necessary that someone is present at the time of delivery and when the leak check is performed to ensure all appliances are in working order. If you miss the scheduled appointment, we will not fill your tank. You will need to contact our office to reschedule and will be charged a second delivery fee. Please do not attempt to tamper with the POL lock, turn on your tank or start your own appliances. Damage or injury may occur.

Emergency calls take an hour or more, in addition to repairs if necessary, and take time away from our delivery routes if our driver has to leave the designated route. It often adds additional time into their day which takes away from their family time. The easiest way to avoid Out of Gas emergency charges is to remember to have a tank monitor and call at 25%.

The gauge is located under the dome. The gauge will have numbers usually 5 to 95. The number on the gauge indicates the percentage of gas in the tank. (Some tanks have an additional pressure gauge. Don’t be confused. Those numbers are from 0-300.)

Tank Refill chart

Out of Gas Fees

Off-Route Charges

During Regular Business Hours 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.:  $75

Misrepresentation Fee:  $150

After Hours Service

After 4 p.m. weekdays or on weekends: $150

Holiday Charges

Out of gas or service work on holidays: $250

Emergency & Required Leak Check

$75 + Repairs, Parts, and Labor

Repairs to the system at standard service rates.

MS Propane is not responsible for loss of heat or any resulting damages arising from a freeze-up in a dwelling or home. It is the customer’s responsibility to protect their home against damage arising from a drop in heat. The Consumer should arrange for daily temperature monitoring if he/she plans to be away from the premises for any length of time. Customers are also responsible for out of gas charges if their account is past due. MS Propane will not be liable for any damages having to do with out of gas calls. Please inquire about our monitors.