Frequently Asked Questions

Level Pay Program

Level Pay FAQ

Q: What is the Level Pay Program? A: It is a prepayment plan for contracted propane that allows you to make monthly payments based on your estimated annual usage. Deliveries for propane are routed once the account has enough credit to fill the tank or for a minimum delivery of 200 gallons.

Q: How is the estimated usage calculated? A: Your estimated annual usage is based on the average of your actual usage over the last three years, rounded to the nearest 100 gallons.

Q: What if I want more contracted gallons than my usage? A: If you require more contract gallons than your usage, you may increase the recommended gallons within the contract renewal period Just let us know, and a new contract renewal with the updated information will be sent.

Q: What if I want fewer contracted gallons than my usage? A: If you contract for fewer gallons than your usage, your monthly payment may not change, as it’s based on your estimated usage. However, contracting for fewer gallons, within the contract renewal period, may affect your price per gallon. Any additional gallons used beyond the contracted amount will be supplied at the retail price at the time of delivery.

Q: How are payments figured? A: Monthly payments are based on the estimated price per gallon and your estimated usage. Payments may be adjusted based on your anticipated delivery schedule. Most people use more propane in the winter, we strive to ensure you have enough credit on account to handle winter deliveries and maintain a credit balance for upcoming deliveries.

Q: What if I don’t have enough credit on my account at the time of delivery? A: If there is not enough credit on the account at the time of delivery, additional payment for the gas will be due at the time of delivery. Monthly payment may be adjusted if needed, to ensure credit is available for delivery.

Q: What if my deliveries are outpacing my payments? A: Periodically accounts are reviewed, and the monthly payments may be adjusted if deliveries are outpacing your payments. If an adjustment is needed, we will notify you in advance.

Q: How is the propane delivered? A: Our Autofill Delivery method is used unless you arrange otherwise. A minimum delivery of 200 gallons or a full fill for smaller tanks is required. Once the contracted gallons are used, the same delivery method will continue unless you make other arrangements.

Q: What happens if I miss a monthly payment? A: If payment is declined or neglected to be made, it must be paid immediately to not disrupt deliveries. Missing payments will not cancel the contract for gas, the contract must be paid in full to prevent cancelation fees. There may be fees for returned checks and declined credit card/ACH transactions.

Q: Can I cancel the program? A: Canceling the Level Pay Program does not cancel your contract for gas. It only cancels the monthly Level Pay payments. If Level Pay payments are canceled, the total remaining contract gas amount will be billed in full. We have already purchased this gas, and you are expected to take delivery. Any default on the Level Pay Program will result in a 25% restocking fee or a minimum charge of $250.

Q: Is there an auto-renewal option for Level Pay? A: Yes, unless otherwise stated, we will renew your monthly amount in July on your chosen date. You will be given ample notice of the new monthly payment amount.

Q: If I don’t want a contract but want to make regular payments to my account, what are my options? A: Our EZ Pay program allows you to make regular payments to your account without a contract. We estimate a payment amount based on your usage and provide recommendations. Contact us for details.

Q: What happens during the reconciling process? A: Each year in April, we reconcile each account and bill any balance due. Payment is due upon receipt. Any remaining paid contract gallons roll over to the monetary value and remain on the account as a dollar credit for use on the next contract term or for future deliveries. No refund will be issued.