Payment Terms & Conditions

Payment terms and conditions for all customers.

All Customers:

Payment is due at time of delivery or service.

It is recommended that the customer pay at time of order.

Any delivery or service paid on site must be made when service is performed.  There is a $79 wasted trip charge for orders when no one is home to pay.

Deliveries will be made only to customers who have paid their balance in full.

Any outstanding balance is due on receipt.

There is a $50 per returned check or ACH charge.

There is an 1.5% per month fee interest rate for past due accounts.

Any outstanding balance over 30 days will result in the tank being locked until the balance is paid.

Any outstanding balance over 45 days will result in company owned tanks being picked up.

We reserve the right to demand payment in advance or credit card on file after any non-payment issue.

All payments are due in US dollars.

Pre-Buy Customers:

Payment must be made and contract signed by customer and MS Propane within 10 days of the date of the contract offer.

Level Pay Customers:

Sign up for Level Pay for newly enrolled customers is in April.  Deliveries begin in October.  If a new enrollee needs gas before October, they may purchase at rack price.

MS Propane will notify the Level Pay customer each April with estimated usage for the next year and the monthly payment amount to be billed in May.

No gas will be delivered until there is a credit balance on the account.

If monthly payment has not been made by the 15th of the next month, the level pay contract may be cancelled by MS Propane. At that time, 50% of the remaining contracted gas will be billed to the customer’s account.  At that point, any deliveries will then be COD at current rack pricing.  Any credit on the account must be used by the customer, no cash refunds and transfer of gallons.

On occasion, actual usage may be more than was estimated.  In that case MS Propane, will alert the customer with the new monthly payment amount.  If gas is needed without enough on account, the customer may pay on their account.

Level Pay Reconciling:

Each year in April, we reconcile the account and any balance due on account will be billed, due upon receipt. Credits will be rolled into the next term, effectively lowering your payment amount.


If MS Propane declares a propane emergency, including market volatility, weather disasters, or shortages,  gas price per gallon will be at the time of delivery.

Out of Gas:

MS Propane is not responsible for loss of heat or any resulting damages arising from a freeze-up in a dwelling or home.  It is the customer’s responsibility to protect their home against damage arising from a drop in heat.  The consumer should arrange for daily temperature monitoring if he/she plans to be away from the premises for any length of time.  Customers are also responsible for out of gas charges.  MS Propane will not be liable for any damages having to do with out of gas calls.

Rev:  6-07-2023