Pre-Buy Program Terms & Conditions

Pre-Buy Program Terms and Conditions

Pre-Buy Terms and Conditions

Estimated Usage
We estimate your annual usage based on our forecasting model, considering factors such as historical usage, weather, home size and age, heating, and appliance sources. We then offer these gallons at the fixed contract price and divide by 12 months to find your payment amount plus any included leases at the time. Any credit on account is used for future deliveries. If contracted gallons are exhausted during the term, additional gallons will be supplied at the retail price. Estimates do not always reflect actual customer demand. Periodically, we may analyze actual usage during the year. If we feel your payment needs to be adjusted, we will contact you with the recalculated monthly payment amount.

There is a minimum purchase of 300 contracted gallons. The suggested contract gallons are based on your usage averaged over the last 3 years, adjusted for weather and other factors. You may increase this amount if you choose but we will not be decreasing the recommended gallons. Once contract gallons are exhausted your Level Pay payment will continue, building your credit for your next delivery. If contracted gallons are exhausted during the term, additional gallons will be supplied at the retail price. Sales tax is applied at time of service or delivery and are applied to initial contract only as an estimate.

Payment Terms
Payment is due at the time of service or delivery. The Level Pay Program is a prepayment plan. Any deliveries must be paid in full at time of delivery. The monthly payment amount is based on actual usage not contracted gallons. Periodically, we may contact you if we feel the monthly payment is not keeping up with deliveries. If adequate credit is not available for a delivery, you will be notified and additional payment will be needed to cover the delivery. However, your monthly payments will continue each month. Your monthly Level Pay amount is based on an average of the past 3 years usage, adjusted for weather and other factors. If you choose Pre Buy to pay the entire amount in advance, your payment must be received by May 1st for the discounted price to apply. PreBuy payment is due within 15 days of the offer date.

Equipment Leases / Service
Leased equipment, including tanks and/or monitors, will be added into your level pay/pre buy contract. There are times equipment is added or changed during the contract period and those charges will be billed separately. Tanks and equipment terms and conditions can be found on our website. Any additional service work will be charged separately at the regular rate plus parts and labor. Service payment is due at the time of service. We reserve the right to use the account balance to pay for any outstanding invoices.

Deliveries begin in October.Your fuel will be delivered using our Autofill Delivery method unless arrangements have been made otherwise. Deliveries will be made using the credit on the account at the time of delivery Any deliveries needed before October are purchased separately at retail pricing. A complete fill or minimum delivery of 200 gallons will apply. If adequate credit is not available additional payment will be needed to cover delivery. However, Level Pay monthly payments will continue each month. After all contracted gallons have been used, we will continue to deliver with your pre chosen delivery method.

Each year in April, we reconcile the account and any unpaid balance will be due upon receipt. The balance will be billed and deducted from your Autopay account, any remaining contract gallons at the end of the term will be converted into monetary value for future deliveries. No refund will be given and minimum delivery gallons apply.

Unless we hear from you, we will continue with the new monthly amount beginning in May on your prechosen date. You will receive a notification of the new program term calculations including gallons and monthly payment. Renewed contracted gallons can be increased but not decreased based on previous usage. We require a minimum of 300 gallons to renew. Contract will be valid starting May 1st.

Monthly Payment Delinquencies
The Level Pay Program monthly payment amount must be paid in full, by the due date each month as agreed to in the contract. If payment has not been received after two past due payments during the term, or nonpayment over 30 days, your Level Pay payment amount will be suspended and future deliveries will need to be paid at time of delivery. There is a fee for returned checks and declined credit card/ACH. Failure to make monthly payments does not void contracted gallons. If you are removed from the program for failure to pay your Level Pay Program monthly amount, you will be billed accordingly and you will need to settle your outstanding balance, including any cancellation fees, due upon receipt.

Cancellation Policy
You may cancel at the end of the contract term, on April 30th, with no penalty. If you chose to cancel your monthly payment amount at any other time, please notify our office. Cancellation of the monthly payment amount is not a cancellation of the contract. We reserve the right to bill your account amount necessary to offset any losses incurred as a result of the cancellation. The account will be charged a cancellation fee of 25% of contract but no less than $250.00 plus any other fees that may occur.

Upon cancellation at the end of the contract term, we will reconcile your account and you will receive a bill or credit for actual usage. Once you cancel the Level Pay Program, any balance on your account is due and payable on receipt. Once the cancellation is reconciled, pricing and fees will revert to the retail rate and any subsequent fees will apply. Credit will remain on the account for future deliveries. No refund will be issued and minimum delivery gallons apply.

No cash refunds will be issued and gallons are not transferable. Customer agrees to purchasing only from MS Propane during the contract period. MS Propane may require contract gas to be used exclusively and when this reserve is exhausted, the customer will be invoiced at the current retail price for additional purchases. This contract is not assignable by the customer or by operation of law without prior written consent of MS Propane.

REV: 07-10-2021, 03-25-2022, 03-22-2023