Will Call Pricing Terms & Conditions

Will call pricing terms and conditions.

Will Call Pricing Option Terms and Conditions

Payment is due at time of service or delivery.

Will call customers are required to call when their tank level reaches 25%.

Will call customers pay the price per gallon at the market rate the day they order.

Delivery will be made at the next available route in the area.

Any call regarding low tank levels will be charged the off route delivery fee.  At that point we will dispatch a delivery driver from their current route to your location.

At times a customer may repeatedly call when tank levels are low.  We reserve the right to require that they be on one of our delivery programs or add a tank monitoring service agreement.

During any propane emergency, declared by our company or the government, normal deliveries will stop and we will go on emergency status.  At that point, delivery and pricing will be on a priority level basis and pricing will be at the point of delivery and payment will need to be made at time of order.  See our emergency status terms and conditions for more information.  Please be aware our routed contract customers will be prioritized since their gas has been paid in full.

rev: 2021-07-11