8 Firepit Activities Every Homeowner Should Try

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MS Propane is back with some simple ways to have fun with your backyard propane firepit! Of course, always be safe when using anything with an open flame!

1. Family Stories and Ghost Stories

Storytelling is as old as humanity itself.  The eerie play of the flames and shadows provides the perfect ambiance for a mix of heartwarming anecdotes and chilling ghost tales. Engage your guests by encouraging them to recount their most memorable or spookiest experiences. You can tell family stories passed down from generations ago to continue the family history to your kids, nieces, or nephews.

This fireside activity fosters a sense of community and family unity and keeps the art of oral storytelling alive. You’ll also get an evening filled with laughter, suspense, and perhaps a few shivers down the spine. 

2. Star Gazing: Connecting with the Cosmos

Nestled away from city lights, a firepit in a rural setting offers a prime location for stargazing. Lay on blankets or recline in chairs as you gaze upward, marveling at the celestial show overhead. Use telescopes or binoculars to bring distant objects closer and share the excitement of spotting planets and constellations. 

Look at the craters of the moon up close. If you’re really fortunate, you might even see four moons of Jupiter. Look at Jupiter again in an hour, and the moons have already changed position because of how fast they orbit the solar system’s largest planet.

3. Outdoor Movie Night

Dinner and a movie is alive and well around your outdoor firepit. Turn your firepit into a movie theater with a clear wall or even a white sheet and a portable projector. Watch beloved movies while the propane firepit adds ambiance! 

Pile up the blankets and pillows for comfort, and don’t forget to prepare some popcorn and themed treats to munch on. 

4. Musical Moments: Sing-Alongs and Jam Sessions

Gather ‘round your propane firepit with your favorite instruments for an evening filled with melody and harmony. Whether it’s strumming the guitar, blowing into a flute, or simply using spoons for percussion, music has the power to unite and uplift everyone who hears it. 

And, of course, sing! There’s nothing like outdoor karaoke!

5. Firepit Games: From Charades to Truth or Dare

Let the games begin! Charades transform into an animated spectacle against the backdrop of flickering flames. Truth or dare challenges to deepen bonds with every revelation and dare taken. Engaging in these playful activities not only stirs up a spirit of fun but also cultivates an atmosphere where everyone feels connected.

6. Artistic Inspiration: Drawing and Writing

Let the serene glow of the firepit be your muse and meditation as you dive into your favorite artistic endeavors like drawing, writing, weaving, or whittling. The flames are the perfect backdrop for capturing thoughts in a journal, sketching the mesmerizing play of shadows, or composing poetry as your mind clears. You might be the next Shel Silverstein, Dan Brown, or Bob Ross!

7. Relaxation Techniques: Meditation and Yoga

Engage in a serene session of meditation or yoga by the gentle flames of your propane firepit. Its calming presence deepens your relaxation. As the flames flicker and sway, allow their rhythm to guide your breath and movements, creating a profound connection with the surrounding natural world. Meanwhile, feel the breeze on your face. Hear the birds and insects. Smell the blossoms or leaves as they wisp past your nostrils. Relaxation at its best.

8. Host a Themed Firepit Party

Transform your propane firepit gatherings with a themed party that captures the imagination of your guests. Opt for a rustic autumn harvest fest, complete with pumpkin-spiced treats and hay bales for seating, or a summer beach bash featuring sand, surfboards, and tropical drinks. Have theme nights with yummy food and treats! 

If you have any questions about your propane supply, reach out to us!