Propane Delivery Timing: Navigating the Route

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Hey, let’s dive into a common question we get at MS Propane: “Why does it take up to two weeks to get my propane after placing an order?” Let’s demystify the process.

Deciphering Propane Delivery Dynamics

Propane Delivery Routing Matters

When you place an order, we slot it into the next delivery within that specific route. Each route has its own schedule, and we might swing by an area, say, once a week, planning the next visit for the following week.

Propane Delivery Route Realities

Our drivers follow designated routes, and once a route for the day is full, your order seamlessly joins the next available route in the area. This ensures efficiency and makes the most of our delivery routes.

Order Propane at 25% Full

To navigate these time frames, we suggest ordering gas when your tank hits the 25% mark. This proactive approach helps set realistic delivery expectations.

Propane Demand Delivery Option

Need your propane sooner? No worries! Our demand delivery ensures your propane reaches you within 3 days at an additional cost. It’s the swift choice for those who can’t wait.

Demand Delivery Dynamics

Pulling a driver off their route for an immediate delivery is what we call demand delivery. However, it’s crucial to understand that rerouting across town might not be the most economical or practical solution.

Autofill Program Perk

Now, if you’re part of our Autofill program, we’ve got you covered! We handle the deliveries for you, seamlessly integrating your propane needs into our route schedules.

Understanding these dynamics ensures a smooth and efficient propane delivery experience. Keep an eye on your tank, plan ahead, and rest assured – we’re on it, working to get your propane to you in the most effective way possible.

Stay informed, stay cozy with MS Propane – Your Partner in Propane Planning!