The 80/40/25 Rule: Demystifying Propane Tank Levels

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Hey there, it’s MS Propane, and today we’re demystifying the 80/40/25 rule for your propane tank levels. Let’s clear up any confusion and break it down!

80% Full – Not 100%

When we say your tank is 80% full, it’s not a trick or a typo. We intentionally leave that extra space to accommodate gas expansion. So, think of it as a full tank with a little breathing room, ensuring your propane behaves well in different temperatures.

40% Doesn’t Mean Empty

Now, hitting 40% on your gauge doesn’t mean your tank is empty or that you need to hit the panic button. Nope! You’ve still got half the tank left at this point. It’s just a gentle reminder that you’re cruising through your propane supply.

Ring Us at 25%

Here’s where the magic happens. When your tank reaches 25%, that’s the sweet spot to give us a call. It doesn’t mean you’re out. It’s the optimum time to schedule your next delivery. This proactive approach ensures we can fit your order into the next available route in your area. 

If you’re part of our Autofill Program, we’ve got you covered – we’ll schedule deliveries for you based on your usage patterns. We monitor the tank for you to make sure you never run out propane.

Understanding the 80/40/25 rule ensures a seamless and stress-free propane experience. No need to worry about running on empty – you’re in the driver’s seat!

Stay informed, stay in control with MS Propane – Your Partners in Propane Peace of Mind!