Reasons We Monitor Your Propane Tank for You

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MS Propane wants you to get the best experience possible with our products and services. That’s why we have a tank monitoring system in place. Read more about the reasons why we monitor your propane tank for you!

Why Do We Monitor Your Propane Tank?

Here are three reasons why we monitor your propane tank.

1. Delivers Better Customer Service

Traditionally, our customers would need to look at the gauge on their tanks and then call us when it reaches 25%. A tank monitor makes your service more convenient, worry-free, and stress-free. In fact, we’ll call you to remind you that we’re coming out to fill up your propane tank. 

The monitor uses the same technology that your cell phone does. It sends us information about your tank’s usage and propane level.  When your propane is at 25%, we’ll schedule your property on our route.

2. Prevents You From Running Out of Propane

Running out of propane gas is not fun. When the monitor lets us know you’re approaching 25% left, our team will call you to remind you that you’re almost out of propane. Then we can let you know when we’ll deliver propane from one of our trucks. 

Enrolling in our Autofill program is even more convenient. Suppose you’re already in our autopay system. In that case, the Autofill program is perfect because we’ll automatically come to your property to refill the propane tank when the tank monitor tells us you’ve reached a certain level.

3. Saves You Money

Filling up the tank is more expensive when it’s totally out of propane. You could incur hundreds of dollars of charges when this happens! National safety codes say that running out of propane is an emergency situation because the pressure in the line is out, and a propane professional on our staff must check the lines for leaks because of the sudden drop in propane pressure.

You’ll save money by not having an emergency call to your property if you don’t run out of propane. Our tank monitors can help prevent a costly emergency service call.

Contact MS Propane With Any Questions

If you have any questions about our tank monitors, contact us or call (417) 512-5041. This technology is safe, secure, and effective at preventing you from running out of propane.