Noises You Might Hear Coming From Your Propane Tank

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Occasionally, you might hear noises from your property’s propane tank. In our guide, we’ll discuss what these noises mean and what you can do about them. You might hear these noises from your tank, not the propane appliances themselves.


A steady humming sound may indicate that the regulator on the tank is working harder than under normal conditions. This noise might happen on frigid days because the propane contracts.The way a regulator works is like sucking through a straw.  When there is a lower propane level in the tank due to cold weather, there isn’t less propane. It’s just contracted due to the cold.


Hissing from your propane tank, almost like a dragon if it existed, indicates a propane leak. A leaking propane tank is an emergency, and you must call MS Propane immediately. 


The clanking noise might sound like a bell that isn’t quite ringing clearly or if an empty tin can falls onto the floor.  If you’re hearing this noise, the level-measurement float inside your tank has probably come loose and is knocking against the inside of the container tank. Call us if you hear this noise.


A knocking sound from your propane tank could indicate an uneven mix of gas and air. This knocking sound differs from the clanking caused by a physical object hitting the tank’s walls. Instead of a tin can falling, the knocking sound will seem like someone is knocking on the inside of the tank as if they are knocking on a door, only the sound is muffled and distant. Contact us if you hear this sound coming from your tank.

Gurgling With Humming

A gurgling with a humming noise coming from your propane tank means it has been overfilled. An overfilled tank can cause strain on the regulator. Overfilling isn’t a problem with MS Propane because our crews use trucks that prevent overfilling from happening, even on very hot days when the propane in the tank expands due to the higher ambient temperatures.

Contact MS Propane With Any Questions

If you have any questions about any noises from your propane tank, contact us or call (417) 512-5041. We want you and your family to be completely safe with your outdoor propane tank to heat your home!